The stain is also like paint and they both are designed for protecting the wall and to add color. But you can experience the change, the stain will be thinner when compared to the paint and when you start to apply it would tend to soak into the surface.

In case, of the paint it would sites on the surface or it would become a part of the substrate as a color. It is better choice for you to make use of them after knowing about what is the difference between stain and paint.


  • Its cost is low.
  • With stains and premiums it is not required.
  • Easily to apply and recoated.
  • The surface preparation that is required is minimal.
  • The beauty of the stain finish is based on your choice.



  • The paint is expensive.
  • Paint trend to provide the uniformity.
  • It takes more time to apply.
  • It should be applied in the pried surface.
  • It has various degree of sheen.

Clarify your confusion before you start to use

Usually the wood desks need to be stained few years once for protecting the surface from its elements. When you remove the peeling paint found in the deck there often you need more scraping and sanding than stain. The thickness of the paint would hides the wood textures and it might be a positive approach for the decks during the poor conditions. There the stain would be thin enough for preserving the natural look of the wood grain that many people would prefer. There it is required for you to compare with the deck paint vs stain to know about which would suit best for you to utilize it.

stain or paint

Which is actually a best one a stain or paint?

  • The paint would be usually thick than stain.
  • The stain is easy to apply than paint.
  • Paint comes in different colors.
  • Wood surface can be enhanced rather covered up.

Now you would have really known about what is the main difference after having a comparison between stain versus paint. Both have its own positive and negative characteristics before starting to use there it is required for you to know for which surface you are going to color based on its nature you can prefer stain or paint and make the wall to change more impressive with expressive colors.

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