Humanics@FresnoState Students4Giving Philanthropy Project

Part of the national Students4Giving Initiative of Campus Compact and Fidelity® Charitable Gift Fund with significant financial support from Whitney Foundation, Fresno Regional Foundation, Geil Family Fund, Philip T. Manoogian Philanthropic Fund, Kennel Bookstore, & individual donors.

The Humanics Philanthropy Project at Fresno State began in 2007 with an $8,000 seed grant from Fresno Regional Foundation and has flourished to become part of Students4Giving, a national initiative of Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund & Campus Compact.

As part of our course on “Philanthropy & Grant Making” (Sociology 183S) offered each spring semester, this project provides hands-on experiences in philanthropy and leadership by allowing students to develop contacts with community benefit organizations, assess community needs, and learn how to request & evaluate funding proposals.

More than 320 students have awarded $131,000 to 32 different organizations from 2007-2017 (see below for this listing), promoting “SPIRIT, MIND, & BODY” while preparing for leadership in service to humanity.  Through the companion course, “Grant Writing & Evaluation” (Sociology 184S), our students also evaluate the impact of the grants they previously awarded & learn about the importance of good stewardship.



SPIRIT:  Focus Forward ($5000):  To support Focus Forward’s new Youth Advocacy Leadership Team by providing intensive training, helping youth increase their advocacy skills, develop a policy vision, and engage in advocacy over the next year.

MIND:  Art of Life Cancer Foundation ($5000 Philip T. Manoogian Memorial Grant):  To facilitate professional development and training for the board of directors and staff, including developing a board handbook, board orientation, and a strategic plan, in transition from a founding board to a governance board.

BODY:  Poverello House ($5000):  To obtain volunteer management software, hold a 2-hour volunteer training, provide new marketing materials to recruit volunteers, implement a volunteer ID-badge system for tracking, and put on the organization’s first volunteer recognition event in Fall 2017.


SPIRIT:  Ronald McDonald House Charities of The Central Valley ($5000 Philip T. Manoogian Memorial Grant):  To start the “Happy Wheels Cart Program” that will circulate through Valley Children’s Hospital with snacks and activity books and inform families of the services of Ronald McDonald House.

MIND:  Warnors Center for the Performing Arts ($5000):  To facilitate professional development and training for its board of directors and staff to support the organization’s continued growth.

BODY:  Lowell Community Development Corporation ($5000):  To provide workshops on tenants’ rights and responsibilities and safe and healthy housing.


SPIRIT:  Fresno Metro Ministry ($5000):  To create and pilot a toolkit incorporating design thinking and participatory planning exercises with 40 neighborhood leaders to develop the constituency needed to advocate for investment in existing neighborhoods and mixed-use development on Blackstone Avenue in Fresno.

MIND:  Care Fresno ($5000 Philip T. Manoogian Memorial Grant):  To enhance its after-school, summer, and mentoring enrichment programs at 4 community learning centers within apartment complexes identified by Fresno Police Department.

BODY:  Kings Tulare Homeless Alliance ($5000):  To support its Housing Priortization Initiative and implement a Vulnerability Index within Kings and Tulare Counties to determine the chronic and medical vulnerability of individuals who are homeless and allow the bi-county region to allocate scarce resources in a logical, targeted manner.


SPIRIT:  Good Neighbor Center ($8000):  To enhance its data collection, registration, and reporting technology in order to serve more individuals and provide additional protein to families in Pinedale ($6000), including the placement of a Humanics Intern to assist with implementation and evaluation ($2000).

MIND:  Fresno Arts Council ($8000 Philip T. Manoogian Memorial Grant):  To train 6 local artists in classroom management, lesson plan development, common core, visual and performing arts standards and initially provide access and equity to arts education in six Fresno Unified elementary schools ($6000), including the placement of a Humanics Intern to assist with implementation and evaluation ($2000).

BODY:  GRID Alternatives-Central Valley ($8000):  To install solar systems on three qualifying Single Family Affordable Solar Homes (SASH), saving families up to 80% on their electrical utility bills, providing hands-on installation experience to Fresno State construction management students, and helping to improve local air quality ($6000), including the placement of a Humanics Intern to assist with implementation and evaluation ($2000).


SPIRIT:  Fresno Rescue Mission ($4000):  To support the development and implementation of Volunteer and Case Management Software, including a mobile app ($3000) and the placement of a Humanics Intern to assist with implementation and evaluation ($1000)

MIND:  Foundation for Fresno County Public Library ($4000 Philip T. Manoogian Memorial Grant):  To support Downtown Fresno Branch Summer Reading and Meals Program ($3000) and the placement of a Humanics Intern to assist with implementation and evaluation ($1000).

BODY:  Off The Front ($4000):  To support the Earn a Bike Program ($3000) and the placement of a Humanics Intern to assist with implementation and evaluation ($1000).


SPIRIT:  Wesley United Methodist Church of Fresno ($3000): Provided support for the Creative Arts Academy, a 5 day summer enrichment program for middle school students from El Dorado Park.

MIND:  Rotary Storyland of Fresno ($3000): To enhance the Summer Literacy Education program held every Saturday at Storyland from June 16 through August 12, 2012.

BODY:  Break The Barriers (BTB) ($3000 Philip T. Manoogian Memorial Grant): Provided for summer assemblies in SE & SW FUSD Schools and field trips to BTB.


SPIRIT:  Animal Rescue of Fresno (ARF) ($3000): Spayed & neutered dogs through HOPE Animal Foundation & All Creatures Veterinary Clinic so these pets can be available for adoption.

MIND:  Naomi’s House ($3000): Provided staff with Mental Health First Aid training to more effectively serve women exhibiting mental health issues.

BODY:  Fresno Council on Child Abuse Prevention (FCCAP) ($3000): Provided 1,276 Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Handbooks & Training Packets in Spanish & English in Fresno County.


Tree Fresno ($3000): Funded “Trees for Campuses and Kids,” a school grant program that provides five trees to 40 schools in Fresno County.

Fresno Institute For Urban Leadership (FIFUL) ($3000): Established a Junior Tutor component to the Wise Old Owl Tutoring Program to create a first employment opportunity for Jr. High & High School students to serve as leaders and role models for younger children in the Lowell Neighborhood.

Fresno Reel Pride Film Festival ($3000): Provided a special film screening at Fresno’s Tower Theater for outreach to GLBT students, allies, and film students that increases awareness, promotes GLBT acceptance, affirms GLBT students in need, and entertains people (coincided with Fresno Pride Day.

The Binational Center for the Development of Oaxacan Indigenous Communities (CBDIO) ($3000): Implemented “Ve Sakua Escuela para Padres,” a new program in the cities of Fresno and Madera to help indigenous migrants develop their literacy capacities and become actively involved in their children’s education to break the vicious cycle of illiteracy, poverty, and disempowerment.


Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program (CCROPP) ($4,000): Purchased refrigerators and equipment to provide fresh produce and healthier food choices to local communities in need, primarily rural areas without grocery stores or markets.

Fresno Street Saints ($4000): Developed a pilot after-school program that enhances existing curriculum and adds wrap-around programs to after school programs.


Boys & Girls Clubs of Fresno County ($4,000): Introduced a new program, “Date SMART” (Skills, Mastery, And Resistance Training), for 60 young women ages 13-18 at two Clubs—the East Fresno and West Fresno clubs.

River Tree Volunteers ($4000): Purchased 3 canoes to increase capacity to expose greater numbers of volunteers to the San Joaquin River to plant trees and remove trash and debris.


Fresno Interdenominational Refugee Ministries, Inc. (FIRM) ($2,000): Provided both “macro” & “micro” support for quality & affordable housing in Fresno, by focusing on: 1) Community Organizing training & development of Lao & Hmong language organizing curricula & 2) Management & support for FIRM’s first affordable housing redevelopment project on Tyler St.

Valley Teen Ranch ($1000): Provided boys enrolled in its programs an opportunity to learn responsibility and social skills through participation in a high school prom.

Encourage Tomorrow ($1,000): Enhanced the Las Hermanitas (Little Sister) Mentoring Program, a component of the La Rosa Program at Roosevelt High School in Fresno.