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The Campaign

For the 5th consecutive year, Humanics scholars will participate in the AFP International Conference to fulfill the capstone requirement to obtain their Humanics certificate or minor degree in Philanthropy & Community Based Leadership.  This year, 27 Humanics scholars will be participating in the AFP International Conference in San Fransisco. Humanics scholars will present on two (2) workshops panels while in San Francisco.

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Humanics@FresnoState represents our collective investment in the building up of the community benefit sector in the Central Valley. By making a donation to our 2017 AFP International Confernece Fundraising Campaign, you are enabling Humanics scholars to earn their Certificate or Minor Degree and begin working as a professional in our Central Valley.

Humanics scholars participating in 2017

Workshop Panels Featuring Humanics Scholars

dollars to sponsor 1 Humanics scholar

Current Number of Humanics Alumni

Photos below are from the 2016 AFP International Conference in Boston, MA.

Four Humanics scholars became the 1st undergraduate students to ever present a workshop at an AFP International Conference: “Learning the Ropes of the Profession: Voices of the Collegians Learning and Doing Fund Development Today.” 

Following the three-day conference, all eight scholars engaged in volunteer consulting for Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives, Inc. 

See the 3-Minute video below: Testimonials from humanics scholars who attended the 2014 afp international conference

  • Current Amount Raised from Generous Donors – Thank You! 29%
  • Student Fundraising Effort (Jan. 2017 to Current) 1%
  • Remaining Need to Reach Goal 70%

You Can Help us Reach our Goal of sending 27 scholars to the afp international conference in san francisco, ca

You can sponsor a Humanics scholar for just $285

A contribution of any amount is welcomed!

The total cost of attendance per scholar is $590. Your donation of $285 WILL BE MATCHED to equal the full cost of attendance for one Humanics scholar. Our goal is to raise $7,890 to send all 27 Humanics scholars, making the 2017 AFP International Conference our largest delegation to date!

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“Thanks to the Humanics Program, I entered the conference fully prepared to learn, to grow, and to network. I got so much out of the experience that I am still trying to process and apply it all. This conference was certainly one of the highlights of my college career and I am so glad I was able to spend it with my Humanics family.”

-Emily Hentschke

Attended the 2014 AFP International Conference in San Antonio, TX

Formerly, Associate Director of West African Vocational Schools

Currently, Graduate Student at UC Santa Cruz