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Humanics on TV

Through the Humanics program, I have been able to experience and learn from a wide variety of people and situations. And now, I got the full experience of being a guest on a TV show.

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Pika! Pika!

I mean, “Petcha! Kutcha!” This semester went by quickly…and it seems that I’ve been on survival mode since the beginning (obvious for most musicians, of course). The presentation with my team was great....

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AFP Luncheon- Amy Wolfe

Something I really appreciated about the presentation today was how passionate Amy Wolfe was about what she is doing. She discussed how to develop a healthy team, starting with the job description and interview process. There...

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Speaker: Karin Chao-Bushoven

Last week Karin Chao- Bushoven came and spoke to our class about how to build relationship with donors. She is currently the Director of major gifts and I like how she made a point to demonstrate that everyone is nervous when...

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A Gift That Keeps Giving

“A gift that keeps on giving.” The other day in class we had a guest speaker named Steve Spriggs that had come and talked with us about “Planned Giving.” He had told us how a lot of people don’t...

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Advocacy for West Fresno

My group in Dr. J’s Advocacy class did a presentation today about Darling International in West Fresno. If you do not know, Darling International is a meat rendering plant in West Fresno that functions less than 2,000 feet...

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