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Retreat reminisces

Now I see, that especially because we are working in the community, and our community is quite diverse, that to truly engage, and hopefully benefit a diverse community; we must include all spectrums of the community.

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Humanics Retreat 2014

On Sunday January 19th I attended my first Humanics retreat. Being new to the Humanics program it was kind of nerve wracking, because I had no idea what to expect. We had our retreat at the Warner’s theater, which I had never...

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8/25: Retreat

8/25: Retreat The retreat was a great experience for me because I had the opportunity to be taken out of my comfort zone but learned great information about CBOs. At the retreat we also participated in team build activities such...

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Keeping It REAL

There is something about a leadership activity that makes it all REAL. Discovering who we are can be scary, obvious, and moving. When we discover who we are we can find others who fit within the realm of our working style;...

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