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Stakeholder Spread Sheet and Fundraising

We heard the stories from leaders and guests’ speakers who came and spoke to us about researching donors and shared on how to do an asking. But we also have Dr. Jendian and Dr. Simmons who invest in us and remind us to send thank you cards to those who make a...

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Walk

For evil to succeed, is for good man to stand by and do nothing. What does the Martin Luther King Jr. walk mean to me? It means progress, equality and a reminder that any change takes effort from a community who will come together as one to change what we believe is...

Underground Gardens

The best part of this semester was making multiple site visits to CBOs. One in particular that I enjoyed was our Under Ground Garden Tour. I had heard many people talk about it and how beautiful it was. Could it be that I had drove past it several times and never knew...


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