Author: Elio Santos

Kearney’s Legacy

As a kid, I remember going to Kearney park many times and it was for Central Unified School District’s marathon. I remember back then that the park seemed huge and endless, there were all kinds of tree and they were so huge. From the tour Dr. Simmons  gave of the Kearney Mansion, one can tell that Mr. Kearney definitely lived a comfortable as he built his wealth early on. Perhaps the reason why he was able to secure so much wealth is because he never married, so there was not much to invest other than on land. The fact...

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Humanics Retreat: We are the Change

During our Fresno State Humanics retreat we had the opportunity to meet and talk with Fresno Unified Superintendent Bob Nelson. As product of a messy educational system I was very interested in listening to Mr. Nelson, I wanted to hear his views what was going wrong, what isn’t working. I appreciated his insights and truthfulness of acknowledging that the system is not working well for many students in the valley and that WE need to fix that. Finally he recognize that we need to start preparing all kids as early as possible and that all kids regardless of income should have access to pre-school. Which connects to statement made by Mr Kevin Alfaro, from the Central Valley Community Foundation that in the in the next 30 years our valley be in great need of professional. We also met with Fresno District 1 Councilmember & Council President Esmeralda Soria. I had the pleasure working with Esmeralda Soria before her role in city council in a different campaign. I was naive back then I did not think that winning an election would actually produce changes in our community. However with her election as a council member Esmeralda Soria has made important changes in our community. She has not been afraid of being the lone wolf on some votes because she knows that at they end of the day she is a public servant...

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Poverello House: Site Visit

As a Humanics Scholar we are required to make site visit  to a CBO that the Humanics Program at Fresno State award a grant to. Today our evaluation team in our Humanic class (Soc 184) visited the Poverello House to see how this CBO used the grant we awarded them previously. With the grant the Poverello House would organize an award night for their volunteers and design marketing material for to get more volunteers. We met with Sara Mirhadi, Chief Program Officer of the Poverello House, we had great insightful overview of how they the fund. I greatly appreciated the documentation...

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During our CBO Leadership class on Nov 13 we, had the opportunity to have Dr. Jendian talk about Equity and Equality in the CBO world and grassroots movements. During class we were each able to define what equity,equality and diversity means. During this time I took the moment to really listen to what other were saying and how they each defined each of the terms. Simultaneously a question kept coming to head, so I asked Dr. Jendian and Dr. Simmons if they saw any benefit of maintain a CBO board restricted to only members that belong to certain community. They both said that having a board that is diverse financially, cultural, occupation is much more beneficial to any CBO. For too long this has been something I have struggled personally because I see that the CBO I am part is limited in capacity. Now I realize that not only are we not reaching potential donors but also the very communitties we...

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CBO ED Panel

Having various EDs from diverse organization here in the Central Valley was very important to me,

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