Support for Nursing-Driven Healthcare Initiatives
Rita & Alex Hillman Foundation: Hillman Innovations in Care Program

The goal of the Hillman Innovations in Care Program, an initiative of the
Rita & Alex Hillman Foundation, is to advance leading-edge, nursing-driven
models of care that will improve the health and healthcare of vulnerable
populations. The program seeks to support patient- and family-centered
approaches that challenge conventional strategies, improve health outcomes,
lower costs, and show potential for national replicability. The Foundation
is particularly interested in the areas of maternal and child health, care
of older adults, and chronic illness management. At least two grants of up
to $600,000 are awarded each year to nonprofit organizations, government
agencies, and faith-based organizations throughout the country. The
application deadline is March 5, 2018; invited full proposals will be due
June 4, 2018. Visit the Foundation’s website to download the 2018 request
for proposals.
Secondary School Improvement Systems for Disadvantaged Students Funded
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Request for Proposal on Networks for
School Improvement

Guided by the belief that all students – especially Black, Latino, and
low-income students – must have equal access to a great public education,
the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has issued a request for proposal (RFP)
to fund Networks for School Improvement (NSI). An NSI is defined as a group
of secondary schools working both collectively and individually with an
Intermediary to use a continuous process to improve outcomes for Black,
Latino, and low-income students. Through this RFP, the Foundation plans to
provide two different types of NSI investments: Type 1 grants will support
Intermediaries that have demonstrated capacity and experience. Type
2 grants will support Intermediaries that have demonstrated experience in
some, but not all, areas. The application deadline is February 21, 2018.
Visit the Foundation’s website to review the grantmaking guidelines

this RFP.
Grants Strengthen Programs for Children Impacted by Domestic Violence
Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation Children’s Initiative

The Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation’s Children’s Initiative provides support
to direct service programs throughout the United States that create and
promote stability, resilience, and healing for children who have witnessed
domestic violence. Eligible programs must provide direct, age-appropriate
services to children up to 14 years of age who have witnessed domestic
violence, include a plan for an outcome-based assessment of the program
activities, enhance the relationship between the child and parent or
primary caregiver, and be a new program (within the first year of
development). The average grant size is $25,000. The deadline for Stage One
Applications is March 1, 2018; invited Stage Two Applications are due
August 1, 2018. Visit the Foundation’s website to learn more about the
funding guidelines and application process.
Digital Access for Unique Cultural Collections Supported
Council on Library and Information Resources: Digitizing Hidden Special
Collections and Archives

Digitizing Hidden Special Collections and Archives, an initiative of the
Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR), is intended to help
digitize and provide access to non-digital collections of rare or unique
content in cultural heritage institutions. Through this program, CLIR aims
to enhance the emerging global digital research environment in ways that
support new kinds of scholarship for the long term and to ensure that the
full wealth of resources held by memory institutions becomes integrated
with the open Web. Grants, ranging from a minimum of $50,000 to a maximum
of $250,000 in the case of a single-institution project or $500,000 for a
collaborative project, will be provided to colleges and universities,
research centers, museums, libraries, historical societies, cultural
associations, etc. Online initial proposals must be submitted by April 3,
2018; final proposals are due September 20, 2018. Visit the CLIR website to
review the program guidelines and application process.
Program Enhances Development of Museum Staff
Institute of Museum and Library Services

The Museums Empowered: Professional Development Opportunities for Museum
Staff program seeks to strengthen the ability of individual museums to
serve the public. The application deadline is March 1, 2018.

Environmental Innovation Supported
Department of Agriculture

The Conservation Innovation Grants program provides support to stimulate
the development and adoption of innovative conservation approaches and
technologies. The application deadline is February 26, 2018.

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