For the Monday Soc 186 class we were assigned a mentor based off of our career aspirations. Mines is a former Humanics Scholar Millie Melikian, who has her Masters of Education in Higher Education Administration and Leadership from Fresno State. I believe that she was assigned my mentor because I want to go into higher education administration. Meeting Millie and having monthly meetings has been an eye opener for me. She is literally doing what I want to do and has given me valued advice. I appreciate her time and expertise.  Millie made me realized the importance of each step/job I will have in higher education. There are many opportunities that vary, from our conversations I realize that I want to start my career off by being hands on with students.

On Friday November 3rd I had the opportunity to shadow my mentor Millie Melikian who is the Central Valley Cal-SOAP Project Director. We went to two Cal-SOAP site visits at Mendota and Firebaugh High School. The onsite Cal-SOAP staff were helping students with FASFA and applying to college. The onsite office locations were inspirational. They had flags from different colleges and universities and a calendar with important deadlines. Visiting these sites brought back memories of when I was applying to college during my senior year at Edison. I remember not knowing that much about college applications, filling out information for financial aid, or even the importance of financial aid.  I remember speaking to my high school counselor Ms. Cha who I knew cared about me and my future. Without her I don’t I would have put the effort into applying for college.

Reflecting on how I was raised and where I come from makes me realize that I am making the right career choice. Getting a degree is the best and majority of the time only way to make a future for yourself. That is why I want to do higher education administration. To outreach and reach students like me who need a little guidance. I am looking forward to my future and getting my master’s degree in higher education administration. The vision makes me feel optimistic about the people I am going to impact and the difference that I am going to make in the world.

Having a mentor has been a great experience for me. I am 23 years old and I never had one until now. I didn’t realize the importance of having one, but now I do. Being able to speak to someone (Millie) in the career field that I want to go in has been helpful. I believe that our mentor and mentee relationship will go beyond this class.