Yesterday (Monday November 20th) in Soc 186 we had a panel of six different Executive Directors (EDs) in our class. Who gets to have that? Amazingly enough Humanics!

The six different EDs were: Kent Karsevar, Ed.D (ED of Ronald McDonald House), Gary Pigg, MBA (ED of The Discover Center), Kelly Lilles (ED of Catholic Charities Fresno), Coreen Campos (Former Humanics Scholar and ED of Focus Forward), Chris Collins (ED of (WAVS) West Africa Vocational School) and Frank L. Delgado (Chief Curator/Executive Director); each ED brought similar but different experiences and advice.

The concept that stood the most out to me was the differences/similarities between management and leadership. I am a business management major and I had to take a leadership class. The leadership class was management 127, under management. Most people use a manager and a leader interchangeably but, they are not always the same. Quite often they are different. I think that being a leader falls under management but not all managers are leaders. A manager to me oversees actives and a leader is more hands on during the projects.

Kelly Lilles said, “Strive for things your uncomfortable with.” This stood out to me. I am an individual who prefers comfort especially in a job. But, how do you break barriers and make a difference if you never leave your comfort zone? Kelly made me question myself (a little). This also reminds me of the Story of Self, Us, and Now (Public Narrative) that I had to write in Soc 144. Some things I was more comfortable talking about than others. But, without opening up I won’t be able to reach/relate to as many as people. Personal connections and trial and tribulations are the best way to build relationships. In Kelly’s case she was talking about how she first became an ED. But being uncomfortable can lead to many paths.

All the ED’s mentioned how you can’t actively lead everything. As a leader you often manage and can’t always be heads on. You should have people on the team who are better at leading some parts than you. That is the point of having a team. Things get done more efficiently and each member brings a special talent that benefits the organization. This Executive Directors panel made me self-reflect on myself and what I want/will contribute to an organization.

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