CCBA Board Meeting

CCBA Board Meeting

Central California Baseball Academy is a local baseball program that mentors our youth, and gives back to our community. I was honored to be able to attend a board meeting with the members of CCBA. We began by meeting in the office of the Academy’s training facility, Granite Park. The board members were very friendly and welcoming. We exchanged conversations and they were very interested on getting to know me on a personal level. I could tell that the board members relationships with one another were positive on both their professional and personal levels. Once all of the board members who were attending showed up, we all made our way across the parking lot to Me-N-Ed’s Victory Grill.

We arrived and they seated us to a private room. The board members began by saying grace, led by the amazing member and co-founder Susan Frazier. Then came the sharing of some pizza, drinks, and casual conversations. I was lucky enough to be able to have some of those drinks and pizza too! Woohoo. I couldn’t help but think what better way to have a strong bond between the board. They did what effective teams should do, eat, drink, pray, (they forgot the play) and work!

Then, they began their meeting. They spoke of old and new business, finances, and past and upcoming events within the academy. When speaking of the events I saw the emphasis of how important the events which benefit the community are, and how important the involvement of parents with their children and the academy is. Lastly, they voted on a new board member. Congrats to you, Aaron!

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