On September 5, 2017, our Humanics team attended the Tioga Sequoia fundraising event benefiting the American Red Cross and victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. One dollar of every taco and beer purchased was donated then matched dollar for dollar by the Fresno Grizzlies. As new Humanics scholars, what better way to get to know each other and team build than bonding over tacos while doing something to benefit a community in need? A few of our team members were unable to attend the annual Humanics retreat at the start of the semester. Our team leader suggested we all meet up outside of class time in order to get to know one another. It is imperative to the success of our assigned community benefit organization that our team work enthusiastically and cohesively as a unit.
It is always awkward at first when walking into unfamiliar social situations with complete strangers. Having to sit down with a diverse group of people, from various geographic backgrounds, different interests, and approximately 20 year age span between the youngest and oldest members might be daunting to some.  However one of the attributes of being involved in the Humanics program is that our differences melt away once we each discuss our goals and commitment to our communities. There is an almost automatic recognition and inherent understanding that unites us.  Over the course of the evening, each team member brought their own unique life experience, talent and passion to the table. Each of us has our own niche in the social world, but one common thread between us all is our drive to positively impact our communities and the lives of people around us. We each know the Humanics program is exactly where we belong.  I cannot wait to see what our team accomplishes this semester.