Today (Monday 9/11) in class we had Laurie  Diamant, CFO as a guest speaker. She is the Creative Marketing and Promotions Director at Marketing Over Time, Inc.

Mrs. Diamant started off when stating the importance of being prepared with an elevator speech. The elevator speech should be something interesting about yourself, something that will help you be remembered. When networking have all electronic devices on silent. It’s professionalism and etiquette. If possible you should do research on who will be attending. When going to an event introduce yourself to as many people in the room that you can. If each group is doing something different you should be aware of everything going on, not just your personal group.

For all group meetings and events you should be at least on time but prioritize being early. This shows your dedication and passion for the event/organization. You never know what resources, referrals , or job opportunities having new networks might bring.