After our Thursday night class a group of us piled into cars and headed downtown to Art Hop. Some of us had been there numerous times, others had never been. After about an hour of trying to find everyone we were finally all together walking through the street, eating, dancing, and experiencing what down town has to offer! The tacos were amazing! The dancing was a sight to seem, especially the fire dancers. We saw swing dancers and glass blowers, and the usual vendors each with their unique and incredible displays. After awhile some of us went home, while the last of us went back to the playground with the umbrella lights and embraced our inner kid! Climbing, spinning, and rocking into the late hours of the night were Downtown Fresno became quiet once again. We got to know each other a lot better and shared food, stories, laughter, and fun which is what the night was all about. We became a closer group and more of a family, because that is was Humanics@FresnoState is, a family forever!