Art Hop take place every first of the month in downtown Fresno, and third Thursday of each month in various locations around Fresno. It is full of loud music, good food, and great vibes. The atmosphere is one of a kind, and full of energy.

My fellow scholars and I met up at Art Hop in downtown Fresno on Thursday, September 7th (after being lost for some time), and began our networking at the “The Umbrella Spot.” Which, it actually happened to be The Fresno Cultural Art District Park, and the “umbrellas” were canopies. The canopies lit up the square dancing dance floor with their bright blinking lights. Art hop had tons of taco truck vendors, art museums, locally owned businesses, and various venues. I even tried a tomato, jalapeño, and mango quesadilla, which turned out to be really good. There were many different activities and events you could watch while being at Art Hop. The streets were filled with adults and kids dancing, a fire show, and a guy melting and shaping glass.

I had a great bonding experience with my team. We incorporated eating, drinking, and playing together! We had begun the night with a group picture, and then quickly dispersed to find something to eat. We joined the dancing crowd, and enjoyed our food while we had vibed to the music. After, we continued our night walking down the street, and admiring the different art work. Some scholars got walked to their car, including myself, and we called it a night. Art Hop was a great place to network with new individuals.