We had the pleasure of having Dr. Morghan Young-Alfaro as a guest speaker for our Sustainable CBOs class on Monday April 17th. Data is one the most important things a CBO can collect about their business or cause. Dr. Alfaro stated, that “Well organized and well stored data is gold.” It is important that CBOs address the issues going on today. Data organizations can tell what we need to go in the future to make an impact or reach their future goals. Data is created by spread sheets by strings, lines, and creating uniformity.

We had a class discussion on reporting, storytelling, and branding. All are very important for a CBO and should be used to generate success. In anthropology storytelling is education that you pass on and share, and is meant to entertain. In business we use branding and marketing for cash-flow, sustainability, and strategy. When reporting you should use spreadsheets, automotive data, a data system, branch marking. When storytelling we focus on 3 pieces and with those pieces we want growth and progress. You can impact an individual or a group. When branding your CBO you need to use content, psychology, core value (communications), and marketing.

Out of reporting (data), storytelling, and branding I like branding the most. But, I understand why all are equally important to a CBO