On April 4th our Soc 183S class had the pleasure of having Liz Garvin, CGPA as a guest speaker. She is the Director of Planned Giving at Fresno State has years of experience working at CBOs.

One thing that I realized right away when Liz Garvin was speaking to our class was her passion and love for what she does. That stood out to me because I want a career and job that I love going to and that makes a difference. She made me feel optimistic towards my future and the path that I have chosen from taking Humanics as a minor. Liz Garvin even said that she loves what she does everyday. Also she stated that “The best part of her day was getting to spend every single day of your life working for what makes you happy.” Liz Garvin also stated that her CBO career started with volunteering.

What I learned about Planned Giving was that it’s how many CBO gets there largest donor contributions. It’s when someone passes and leaves your CBO in their Will. It’s a gift and usually a large size. Larger size gifts impacts more people. Planning Your Legacy is the way someone gives back to a CBO or a College institution. Examples would be someone establishing a scholarship at a university to give back to other students. Also, having your will and Estate detailed and planned out so you can have everything distributed to whoever you decide.