To start off my spring break I went to Berkeley with my CalSACĀ­ group members to do a CalSAC site visit. We got to observe 2 supervisor meetings and had lunch with the CalSac staff.

During the meeting observations I got to observe the CalSAC staff go over there weekly plan and their CBOs goals. CalSAC is currently participating in East Bay Gives which is a community event/competition to help fund raise money for Community Benefit Organizations.

CalSAC staff had 3 main priorities: staff meetings, challenge sponsorship, recurring gifts. Throughout the 2 different meetings the CalSAC staff kept mentioning the importance of Board and Staff involvementĀ and individual giving. CalSAC stressed the importance of both the Board and Staff caring enough to give money and supporting their cause. Not because they have to but, because they want to. CalSAC in recent years have implemented individual donors and has a diversified revenue. My group asked CalSAC if they had any worries about the threats to eduction and CalSAC responded by stating that it would effect them but not as much as other organizations.

This trip to CalSAC taught me a lot about how a CBO runs and the importance of strength and the foundations of a CBO. 70 percent of CalSAC staff and Board are people of color and represent the people they serve. This is important because the people served can relate to the staff and the staff understand the people served.