During Spring Break, March 25, I had the opportunity of attending the City of Fresno Historic Preservation Commission Board Meeting.  The process by which the board meeting was held was not knew for me, however the fact that the public was invited to participate was something I had not been exposed to before.  When I walked in the room I was happy to see other familiar faces, that of my fellow classmates.  To me the most interesting part of the meeting was when the evidence of why a particular house in Fresno should or should not be part of the history of Fresno was presented.  It was interesting to listen to both sides.

However, I felt that the property owner made a better case for the house to not be considered a historic place.  I believe they presented tangible evidence as well as intangible evidence.  Their evidence was well presented.  However, the board when voting decided that they needed more time so that more evidence or information could be found so that they could make an adequate decision.  They felt that with the provided information it would be unfair to make a decision and therefore asked for the extra time to try to find if there was evidence which could point to that house having any historic value.

Prior to the board making their decision they opened the floor for the public to participate.  As a good Fresno resident I felt that I needed to say what I felt.  I told them that I felt that the property owner had sufficient evidence which pointed to the fact that the home in question had NO historic value and that the property owner had the right to do whatever they wanted with that property.  However, as already mentioned, the board decided to not make a decision at that moment and asked for another board meeting for the month of April so that there could be sufficient time to search for more evidence or information on the property.

I feel my input was valuable and that the commission took my statements into consideration.  I look forward to attending the next board meeting during this month to see what is the update on that particular property.