This last week, was great and filled with information. On Monday we had a great guest speaker, Barbara Beauchamp, come into our class and inspired all the students. She is a proud Humanics Scholar/Alumni. She came in and spoke about the great project she is involved in now and what she did to get there. Like she mentioned, she too was in our shoes at one point as Humanics student, which made me and as well as the class feel more comfortable because she knows what we as students are working with. This was helpful coming from a person who has already graduated and is already applying all the tools we have been given along the way, to help her accomplish her goals because at times I have felt that it is so much information and that I might not know what to do with it. Although after, she did say she felt the same way and she said that we will get passed that stage and move on to actually applying the great tools we have been given. Tuesday’s class was different because we went to Arte Americas instead of meeting in our regular on campus class and also because we had a great panel present to us, Kaye Bonner Cummings from The Bonner Family Foundation and Mr. Assemi from the Granville Homes. This felt great because Arte Americas was closed for the public and open only for the Humanics scholars and these two great panelist, which made the meeting even that more meaningful. One of the main things that I received from this amazing panel was that we as humans are always striving to be happy and one key element towards being happy is giving back/learning and knowing how to serve. We need to work together give back/serve in order for us to be happy and see our community strive for the best for everyone.