May 9, 2012
People must be at a time in their life of acceptance; accepting the reality that they may no longer be around and what that means. Most people don’t know about planned giving because they aren’t in a position of prosperity to be able to benefit from the many options offered. When it comes to planned giving you must know a combination of areas in different industries: law, accountancy, and financial services. It’s best to network with those who specialize in these areas and utilize the resources they have to best serve the client. Planned giving is a very sensitive area. Convincing someone to give a gift in the present for the future is not something to take very lightly; it’s forethought that takes time and understanding. I’m always asked what I plan to do with an accounting degree. I’ve learned in the last couple of years there are so many areas of accounting; planned giving is another area to consider. As Humanics Scholars, it’s our duty to pass along useful and important information; isn’t “service to humanity” who we are.