Ellen Bush and Sheryl Bavoso take Humanics

On October 17th, Ellen Bush, Executive Director and Sheryl Bavoso, Administrative Coordinator from The Whitney Foundation came to talk the grant class about grant writing, and funding. Both gave us all great information needed to be a successful grantwriter. We thank them for coming to speak with the Humanics Scholars.

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CBOs Can Make a Profit!

Money is not a bad word in a CBO, like it is in a non-profit.

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Association of Fundraising Luncheon

AFP Luncheon guest speakers: Richard Johanson and Dr. Peter Smits.

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Working side-by-side with strangers for the good of it

Kudos to WAVS and their example of how a volunteer program should be ran

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A Hidden Gem in my Backyard: Arte Américas

Fresno State Humanics at Arte Arte Américas on 10/11/2016 for grant writing class.

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The Demystification of Art

The beautiful culture, stories, vision and mission of Arte Americas.

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